What do you call a Hello in throwing range? Introing distance.

Hey there, it’s me, Smithee. For those of you who go on forums with me, you’ll know me: After all, I post more than a bit. For family and friends, you probably know that I go by the name Smithee on the ‘net (and am even getting it as a nickname IRL now… Cool!). But what about the other guys? You know, the ones who’ve yet to meet the Battler of Boredom? Before I go further, I’d like to say, I will hopefully never call myself that again.

Well, then I guess I’ll introduce myself and this fine blog.

My name is Allen Smithee. Not actually, no, my name isn’t even actually Allen, let alone Alan. It doesn’t include Smith, let alone Smithee. I suppose I should say this now; I like movies! Film! Cinema! Talkies! you know the drill. Not only that, but I also like music, video games, comic books, plain ol’ books, cartoons, television, and women. These will be the topics of Textual Intercourse – Or should I say, The NEW Textual Intercourse? Yes, my old blog too that name, but that will change as of this posting. Back on topic:

I’m a young man, still in highschool, and I’ll admit it. I’m also Canadian, but I don’t really like hockey, I’m more into American football (figured I’d clarify with all this World Cup stuff going on), and wrestling. The thing is, being so young, there’s a lot that I have yet to experience. In a way, this blog will capture that. Perhaps it needs to be explained further? Basically, I’ve got great taste for a kid my age, in a lot of ways I know what’s what. But, being so young, I’ve missed a lot. There’s a lot I need to watch, listen to, play, read, y’know? A lot of GREAT stuff. That’s the point of this page here. I’ll write in detail my experiences on these things, my philosophies on these things. This is good, because it gives me an even bigger excuse to go out and watch the classics.

Not only for the classics though, also for the new stuff.

My old blog will remain running, but will be for little things, personal things. This is for my reviews, essays and articles. Although, anything political will be kept on the other blog, I plan.

Maybe there will be spelling errors from time to time: Leave them be, but maybe you could let me know. Maybe there will be misinformation from time to time: Let me know, I’ll learn something. Maybe I still don’t know how to use blogging software: I don’t.

There is also an announcement I’d like to make: As of right now, I will have a partner on this project. More will be announced later, and I’ll force him to do an introduction of his own.


Look forward to a real article-of-some-kind later!


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