Playstation Network — Now with Movies!

Okay okay, so as I understand it, the Playstation 3 Playstation Network already had movies. Well, with the latest update, unless I’ve had a blindspot towards the top of the screen this entire time, Sony has just added the feature to rent or buy videos and download them directly to PSP.

But wait! There’s more!

For all of you Canadians out there (such as myself and my buddy Justin) you might remember the prospect of having a PSP comic viewer? Well, I certainly do.

I put as much effort in this picture as Sony does on Canadian PSN support
While those Americans are getting their jollies geeking out over digital comic books, we’re stuck with Sony’s view on the Canadian national anthem: “NOOOOOOOOOOO, CANAAADAAAA”

And you can’t do shit with it in Canada. I guess us hoser Canucks can’t handle the muscles and obvious heterosexuality of most absolutely every single Marvel and DC property.

You actually cannot purchase or download a single comic book from Sony’s online services, if you’re signed up as a Canadian user of PSN.


There is actually more (and more, and more, and more)!

If you’re signed up as a Quebecois user, you barely even get descriptions (This is just what I’d last heard, have they updated it at all?). That’s right: So while the Americans, and Anglophone Canadians get a whole lot of this, Francophone Canadiens get a whole lot of that. “That” being NOTHING!

So, that’s how we’ve been gypped. I hear Europe has got it worse on top of that.

You’re asking though, why do you bitch about how Canada has been screwed over in the past by Sony, when this post is about the new movie store on PSN?


Sony is giving away a free movie on July 14th. Well, well, is this going to be anything like the free comic books everybody else got? At least we can purchase movies if we feel like, unlike comic books where we’re 100% S.O.L.

All I’m worried about is whether or not I should pay Sony my money now, and rent/buy Macross Plus Movie Edition, or risk waiting for dissapointment on the free movie day.

Ignore the obvious watermark, indicating this obvious belongs to obviously me. Obviously not.
When I look at this picture, I see a man. This man represents Sony. What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! And that’s just what exactly what Sony is.

Maybe they should take a note from Shane Bettenhausen’s amazingly honest PR talents?

Christopher Walken really gets my sarcasm.
“Pssst: Shane Bettenhausen’s PR is exactly what it stands for… Pretty Rotten!- C.W.


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