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I saw them at the theater! Goooo!

Posted in Smithee on August 19, 2010 by allensmithee

So, like a week ago by now, I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World and then I saw The Expendables. I just want to post this up now, because I’ve not posted anything, but have made lots of plans. Plans don’t do much if I don’t act on them, and since I can’t act on most of them, I’ll do this up real quick to prove my being alive.

My memory is a little hazy on them both, but I will say they were both pretty good movies. I personally liked The Expendables better, and here’s why. Well, there’s two overall reasons, and I’ll get into both of them after I start and finish talking about Scotty over here.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World… What does this mean to me? I’d say it is actually idiotic that what is more important to me right now rather than just how good it is or how much I liked the movie I’m thinking “What does this mean to me?”

It means a lot, and not because I’m invested into the comics but because I’m invested into the subject matter. The geeky side of things. I find it strange now that if a guy puts on a Zelda cartigan he’s some kinda indie geek hipster hottie-hot-hottie, because I don’t think a lot of those guys are really the same kinda “geek” that I am. I mean, I put money into this stuff! Lots of money! And I have a huge knowledge of video games! And a growing knowledge of prog rock, and comic books, and movies. So, I suppose, it really is just a sense of entitlement, and it really is extremely immature. But, it is also really how I feel about the subject. So, guys explode into coins and I say “River City Ransom! :D” and there’s a couple guys in the crowd going “Ooh, okay.” and some others going “Sssh, nobody cares!”

I guess I’m just trying to say, I feel I’m a better geek than a lot of the fans of the comic, which makes me feel like they’re enjoyment of the comic/film degrades my status as some kinda gaming guru. It’s totally immature, and really I shouldn’t care, but it’s something I can’t stop relating to my comments of the movie.

Oh yeah, how was it, really? It was fine. I might read the books. But it was really nothing more than fine.

(I had a friend I bumped into at the theater call it a manga, which I thought was funny since Bryan Lee O’Malley or whatever is Canadian and when I draw a strip it is certainly not a 4koma)

Now, why did I like Expendables better?

A – It’s just the type of movie I like. Over the top action movies, a throwback to the 80s style which I haven’t seen nearly enough of to be called a man (fuck 300, real men watch Predator! I guess I’m not a real man yet ): Only partly, I’ve unfortunately only seen parts) but that’s just it, it’s something I’m more likely to enjoy than a hipster romantic comedy with that standard “indie” look they use all the time these days.

B – It’s a freaking awesome action movie, with the drama and plot interweaved really well. I’m keeping this short, so I’ll just say, the idea to keep the drama at home and have the action stay on the island was a really good idea. I mean, that’s the way it is mostly done and it works well. Other than that without going on too long, I’ll just say it is plain ol’ good.